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Attha aims to provide a protected and nurturing space for new generations of dedicated practitioners to develop the spiritual friendship, intellectual understanding, and the meditative quiet that are conditions for obtaining 'the wisdom from which the spiritual life sets out' (ādibrahmacariyika-paññā) (Aṅguttara Nikāya 8:2).

Periods of critical inquiry and periods of quiet practice alike will be supported and protected by the community of spiritual friends that we cultivate together, across distance and over time. We aim to build the program out of radical friendship (mettā), through Collaborative leadership, Gathering a diverse community, and wise Guidance & Support.

Starting in October with the Fall Inquiry program, the first phase will involve online coursework and online meetings, which will require no more than 11 hours over 7 weeks during October and November 2019. One hope of this online module is to form a common intellectual and spiritual ground from which the community can build friendship, study, and contemplative practice. We also see it as an opportunity to gauge interest and cohesion so that we may commit to a longer program.

Our intention is to accept 48 dedicated practitioners who anticipate having the energy and willingness to make the further commitment to the three-year program (2020-2023) including online coursework and meetings closely integrated with small silent residential retreats at multiple geographic locations.

We aim to reserve approximately 35 spots for youth aged 18-32. The rest of the spots will be available for dedicated practitioners of any age who have the maturity and the energy to actively engage in the collaborative leadership structure as well as the inquiry and practice elements of the program.

Everybody has experience cultivating states of heart and mind that we don’t actually want to. Many of us also try to cultivate states we do actually want to grow stronger in us. The application below is intended to give us a sense of how much experience you have with practices that aim to cultivate states such as mindfulness, goodwill, care, joy, and evenness of heart. We are especially interested in how deeply these practices have had a chance to take root in you, as this will support the whole group in our ability to investigate experientially and intellectually the meaning and meaningfulness of this kind of practice.

As part of the application we are asking you to record and send us a video of no more than 60 seconds, of yourself answering the following questions:

Who are you? What is most meaningful for you? What would be most meaningful for this program to bring into your life?

Once you have recorded your video, please send it to atthakusala[at] including your full name in the body of the email, and then click here to fill the application. Deadline for

Questions? Check out the Program Q&A, and then fill out our Inquiry Form!