cetanā team

from intention to action

cetanā = coordinating action, actualizing goals

  • Cetanā [f. abstr. fr. cet, see cinteti ("think, perceive")] state of ceto (mind/heart) in action, thinking as active thought, intention, purpose, will.
    • The commentarial compendium Visuddhimagga (463) says that abhisandahati is the meaning of cetanā ("abhisandahatīti attho").
    • Abhisandahati [abhi + sandahati of saŋ + dhā (to put, place)] to put together, to make ready.
  • "Cetanā, from the same root as citta, is the mental factor that is concerned with the actualization of a goal, that is, the conative or volitional aspect of cognition. Thus it is rendered volition. The Commentaries explain that cetanā organizes its associated mental factors in acting upon the object. Its characteristic is the state of willing, its function is to accumulate (kamma), and its manifestation is coordination. Its proximate cause is the associated states. Just as a chief pupil recites his own lesson and also makes the other pupils recite their lessons, so when volition starts to work on its object, it sets the associated states to do their own tasks as well. Volition is the most significant mental factor in generating kamma, since it is volition that determines the ethical quality of the action." (Bhikkhu Bodhi, trans. A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma, 1993, p.80)


  1. 6 August 2019
    • through joint consultation with community team, approved opening of applications
  2. 31 July 2019
  3. 26 July 2019
  4. 8 July 2019
    • decided that Quiet & Guidance teams will activate when there is work to be done & key people available, perhaps early Fall 2019
    • approved current home page format, with shift of cetanā team to subpage
    • added our encouragement & small suggestions to Inquiry proposal for the fall
  5. 3 July 2019
    • decided to run 3 week online program for a maximum of 48 people in Fall 2019
    • those from that program with whom there is a mutual feeling of fit will continue on to a 3-year commitment starting 2020
    • the decision about the size of the 2020 3-year group will be made at the end of the 2019 3-week program (possible range from 24-48)
    • for the 3 years 2020-2023 there will be no additional admissions.
    • the decision about what happens at the end of the 3-year commitment will be decided collaboratively by the group as that time approaches (2023)
  6. 27 June 2019
    • decided on name of the program: "Attha: radical friendship clearing the way"
    • discussed initial structure of teams, which teams to start Summer 2019, which to start Fall 2019
  7. 18 June 2019
    • decided against a large initial inaugural retreat, instead small residential retreats at multiple geographic locations from the outset
    • decided to name this team "Cetanā Team"