Possibly Inquiry Module


  • attha, in the language of the Pāli Buddhist texts, means “meaning”.
  • Throughout the program we will adopt an open and supportive attitude towards critical inquiry into the meaning and meaningfulness all the sources we draw on, following serious questions wherever they lead, not stopping with an appeal to the authority of any text, teacher, or tradition.
  • The program will offer sufficient support for all those involved to develop the ability to read short excerpts from the Pāli Nikāyas in the original language, learning to critically engage with “the words of the Buddha” for themselves.
  • The Fall Inquiry 2019 will include a critical examination of the idea of buddhavacana, "the words of the Buddha", and a brief introduction to some of the karaniya-mettā sutta, the discourse on goodwill. We will also spend time on critically examining the practices of satipatthāna (mindfulness) & brahmavihāra (divine abidings of goodwill, care, joy, & equipoise), with a particular focus on critically examining the employment of these practices for the sake of tasting cessation (nirodha).
  • Future Inquiries may also focus on other practices (see the Range of Practice policy).