Quiet Abiding

small retreats that are easy to support, and supportive of quiet, continuous, wholehearted cultivation

To make these retreats easy to support, they will be small, conducted at times and places where there is a suitable house that can be offered for a week and roughly twelve community members able to attend.

We aim to hold retreats in conducive locations around the planet that are accessible for those we serve. We are mindful, for example, that visa barriers make North American retreats inaccessible to many from the global South.

As detailed in the Range of Practice policy, we anticipate retreat periods in 2020 to focus on wholehearted, continuous nurturing of present-centered mindfulness (satipatthāna) and the spiritual emotions (brahmavihāras) of goodwill, compassion, joy, and evenness of heart/mind.


  • Tasks:
    • scheduling retreats in areas where there is sufficient interest and an appropriate venue
    • finding, initiating, and maintaining relationships with those who can freely offer the use of conducive locations for retreat
    • procuring donations of food, materials, services, or finances as required
    • recruiting volunteers to manage retreats
    • anticipating and arranging for other retreat needs