"an area in which what you give would offer sustenance, or in which it would offer restoration, or in which it would be long lasting, or in which your heart is clear, give there" - Vinaya Nissaggiyakaṇḍaṃ 30 (Vin iii 265)

“yattha tumhākaṃ deyyadhammo paribhogaṃ vā labheyya paṭisaṅkhāraṃ vā labheyya ciraṭṭhitiko vā assa yattha vā pana tumhākaṃ cittaṃ pasīdati tattha dethā”

ciraṃ tiṭṭhatu saddhammo

“May the good dhamma last a long time

So reads the inscription in Pāli (in Burmese script) at the top of this gate standing in the Sagaing Hills of Burma at the entrance of a monastery offered in 1983 by Mr. Thankin Kyaw and Ms. Daw Thein Khin of Mandalay.

Thank you for your interest in supporting our community, engaging in the reciprocity of giving in the form of time, volunteered services, or financial assistance.

In the spirit of being transparent and open (vivaṭa), we prefer not to hold funds ourselves, and instead to aid you as donors in seeing for yourselves the needs that Attha has, and allowing you to directly support any areas which make your heart inspired, confident, and clear.

At Attha, we currently have only a few financial needs. These include payments for our website and online meeting rooms for our weekly classes and retreats. We also undertake trainings in feedback and in collaborative leadership in order to build a more sustainable community. We will update here requirements for Attha as they become apparent to us. We also invite your discernment in helping us see areas that would offer sustenance, would offer restoration, would be long standing, or in which your heart is clear.

If you are interested in contributing, please fill out this form, where you can indicate both the value of your donation and the length and nature of your commitment. We will then guide you towards our needs, and work together with you to see how best to proceed.

While we understand that this requires more coordination and time than a direct donation to Attha, this approach allows us to uphold the value we see in being transparent and open (vivaṭa). Moreover, this will also allow us to ensure that your donations serve only that which you see as most valuable.

We are honoured and grateful that you consider Attha worthy of your dāna.