Gathering Community

The Pāli word araha (deriving from the Indo-European root ar-) means both fitting and worthy or deserving of.

We are inspired by araha to co-create a community that is as worthy of its people as the people are worthy of the community.

Through individual recruitment and an application process we will bring together a community with wisdom from practitioners in a variety of age groups and cultural backgrounds.

The program has the particular aim of supporting new generations of dedicated younger practitioners in a community in which all young people from the parts of the planet that we are serving will feel roughly equally challanged and at home in. We will need to speak a common language of communication (English) and all participants will need to have the resources to engage with online modules. There is no strict minimum or maximum age, and a central part of the acceptance criteria will be participants having the maturity and the energy to be mentored into roles in a collaborative leadership structure.

The Gathering Community Team

Gathering: Hussnain

Collaborating: Ginger